“For our first home, we were very excited but we didn't exactly know where and how to begin or what we actually wanted. We scouted the market for an interior designer but were unable to find one that fits the bill.

The fortunate thing which happened to us was when we came to learn of ID/SP Interior Space and their services. We happened to see our neighbour's renovation work in progress and decided to nose around.

Our new neighbour Sean & Jen Loo were with their ID at that time. We politely asked if we could come in and take a look and were pleasantly delighted when they kindly offered to show us around. We must admit we were impressed. We like what the ID has done to the HDB apartment, which now looks more like some private condominium show flat we had seen.

The apartment has a spatial feel of a designer's touch. The design was discrete and very functional. The overall workmanship moved us to ask lots of questions. We were happy to say that the designers from ID/SP Interior Space were more that helpful and very knowledgeable in answering our questions.

After seeing what was done for our neighbour's apartment, we discuss with ID/SP's designer to work out a proposal for us. Their proposal was refreshingly creative and practical despite our limited budget.

5 weeks later, our new apartment was completely furnished and the keys handed back to us, a week earlier that what was anticipated, without any hassle, and well within the budget we have set aside for.

The renovation of the interior went smoothly and professionally without any hiccups. It was a joy to see our dream home come true and it has functioned beautifully to this day.

The design of our place looks, works and performs perfectly, above all, the design work ID/SP has implemented for us suits our lifestyle very well. The final design was very well thought out. For all the effort the ID/SP team has put in, beyond their call of duty and excellent work, I am most happy to provide a testimony to whomever it may concern.”

Mr. and Mrs. AwSingapore